TC-301-02-2MO Triple redundant module of main processor


Brand: ICS Model:TC-301-02-2MO
Package/Specification: 2x19x12.8cm
Minimum Packaging Quantity: 1

Function: Control system accessories Features: Easy installation
Name: Digital Input Module Processing Customization:
Origin: USA Packaging: brand new and
widely used
Chemical, papermaking, power
generation, oil and natural gas
Quantity: 1-999
Batch Number TC-301-02-2MO

Available for sale in Beijing; Tianjin; Hebei;
Shanxi; Inner Mongolia; Liaoning; Jilin;
Shanghai;Jiangsu; Zhejiang; Anhui; Fujian; Jiangxi; Shandong; Henan;
Hubei; Hunan; Guangdong; Guangxi; Hainan;
Chongqing; Sichuan Guizhou; Yunnan; Xizang
Shaanxi Gansu; Qinghai; Ningxia; Xinjiang

Purpose TMR redundant structure

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TC-301-02-2MO Triple redundant module of main processor
TC-301-02-2MO Triple redundant module of main processor
Module Clips Drive controller servo moto

The ICS TRIPLEX TC-301-02-2MO Digital Input Module is a critical component specifically designed for industrial automation and process control systems, produced by ICS Triplex (now part of Honeywell Process Solutions).

This module has a series of advanced functions and features that enable it to play an important role in various industrial environments.

Firstly, the TC-301-02-2MO digital input module has comprehensive automatic diagnosis and self checking functions. This means that it can monitor the status
and performance of modules in real-time, ensuring the stable operation of the system. This automatic diagnostic function greatly improves the reliability and safety of the system.

Secondly, the module has configurable digital input channels. Users can configure input channel parameters based on actual needs, such as over acceleration
threshold. This flexibility enables the TC-301-02-2MO digital input module to adapt to various application scenarios.

In addition, the TC-301-02-2MOdigital input module also has high reliability. It uses high-quality materials and advanced production processes, and undergoes strict
quality control and testing to ensure stability and reliability in critical applications.

In order to improve system availability, some TC-301-02-2MOmodules also have redundant input channels. This means that when one input fails, it can be switched to
a backup input to ensure the continuous operation of the system. This redundancy greatly improves the system”s fault tolerance and reliability.

In addition, the TC-301-02-2MO digital input module also has strong anti-interference and anti-interference capabilities. This enables it to work stably in complex
industrial environments without being affected by external interference.

In terms of specific applications, the ICS TRIPLEX digital input module has been widely used in multiple fields. In the power system, it can be used to monitor
digital signals such as the status, current, and voltage of power equipment to ensure the stability and safety of the power grid.

In the chemical industry, the TC-301-02-2MO digital input module can be used to monitor key parameters in chemical processes, ensuring the safety and efficiency
of the production process. In the oil and gas industry, this module can be used to monitor and control various parameters in the oil and gas production process,

Ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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Analysis of demand for industrial robots in the automotive industry

The automotive industry remains the largest robot application industry globally, with a share of almost 30% of total supply. Investment in new automotive production capacity and modernization processes have driven the automotive industry’s demand for robots. The use of new materials, the development of energy-saving drive systems, and fierce competition among major automotive markets are the fundamental driving forces for the extensive use of industrial robots in the automotive industry.

According to OICA statistics, 79% of the installed capacity of industrial robots in the automotive industry is distributed in 5 key markets: China (39,351 units), Japan (17,346 units), Germany (15,673 units), the United States (15,246 units), and South Korea (11,034 units) .

In 2019, the year-on-year growth in fixed asset investment in my country’s automobile industry was around 0%, and the overall situation was sluggish. This is also the lowest situation in recent years. It is predicted that with my country’s automobile sales stabilizing in 2020, fixed asset investment is expected to bottom out and rebound, driving the industrial robot industry to pick up.

Breakdown of industrial robot status in 3C industry

3C is the collective name for computer , communication and consumer electronic products, also known as “information appliances”. Such as computers, tablets, mobile phones or digital audio players. The 3C industry is another important source of demand for industrial robots.

In 2018, the global demand for electronic equipment and components continued to decrease, and the Sino-US trade friction had a direct impact on Asia. Asia is an important production base for global electronic products and components. The highest installed capacity of robots in the 3C industry reached 122,000 units in 2017. , dropped to 105,000 units in 2018. The installed robot capacity in the 3C sub-industry mainly comes from three countries: China (43%), South Korea (19%), and Japan (17%).

In addition, 5G from the three major operators will enter commercial application in the second half of 2019. In November 2019, the overall domestic smartphone market shipped 130.47 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 1.3%. However, the growth rate has improved significantly compared with the 10.7% year-on-year decline in August. The innovation brought by 5G to smartphones will not only increase smartphone shipments, but will also drive upgrading of mobile phone technology (TWS headsets, TOF lenses, etc.), which can drive demand for 3C automation equipment and thereby increase industrial robot shipments.

According to data from the China Business Industry Research Institute, in 2017, my country’s industrial robot applications in the above fields accounted for 33.30%, 27.7%, 10.8%, 7.9%, and 2.3% respectively, of which the automotive industry and 3C accounted for more than 60%. At present, both automobiles and 3C have bottomed out and are rebounding, with obvious signs of improvement in demand. It is expected that the industrial robot industry chain will rebound in 2020. In addition to the automobile and 3C industries, the downstream application fields of industrial robots also include metal processing, plastics and chemicals, food, beverages, tobacco and other industries. The market demand for industrial robots will continue to expand in the future.

SC510 3BSE003832R1 | ABB | communication module
PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 | ABB | processor module
PFSA140 3BSE006503R1 | ABB | Roll Supply
DSDX452L | ABB | S400 input/output
SD812F 3BDH000014R1 | ABB | power module
07DC92 GJR5252200R0101 | ABB | I/O module
DSPU131 3BSE000355R1 | ABB | MA200 interface board
ICSI16E1 FPR3316101R0034 | ABB | binary input unit
EHDB280 | ABB | power contactor
UDC920AE01 3BHE034863R0001 | ABB | power module
REX521GHHGSH51G | ABB | Feeder protection device
LDSTA-01 | ABB | motor driver
GFD563A101 3BHE046836R0101 | ABB | central processing unit
3HAC025338-006  | ABB | Main Servo Drive Unit
SD24D/492896201 | ABB | Expansion unit
5SGX1060H0003 | ABB | igct module
5SHY3545L0020 3BHE014105R0001 | ABB | Thyristor IGCT module
SDCS-FIS-3A DCF803-0035 | ABB | excitation plate
DCF803-0050 DCF503B0050 DCF503A0050 | ABB | Excitation module
DCF503B0035 DCF504B0050 | ABB | excitation plate
NPBA-82 AINT-14C AGBB-01C | ABB | adapter
81EU01H-E | ABB | safety controller
DAPC100 | ABB | DAPC 100 3ASC25H203 Printed circuit board
DAPU100 | ABB | DAPU 100 5FSE705320-2 Control Board Kit
DAPU100 | ABB | DAPU 100 3ASC25H204 I/O driver board
DATX110 | ABB | 3ASC25H208 Pulse Transformer Board
DATX111 | ABB | DATX 111 3ASC25H224 control board
DATX120 | ABB | 3ASC25H210 I/O board Remote
AI930B | ABB | 3KDE175512L9300 S900 Series Analog Input Module
AI931B | ABB | 3KDE175512L9310 S900 Series Analog Input Module
AI950B | ABB | 3KDE175522L9500 S900 Series Temperature Input Module
AO910B | ABB | 3KDE175532L9100 S900 series analog output module
AO920B | ABB | 3KDE175532L9200 S900 series analog output module
AO930B | ABB | 3KDE175532L9300 S900 series analog output module
CB220B | ABB | 3KDE175612L2210 power supply
SA911B | ABB | 3KDE175612L9110 controller module
CI920N | ABB | 3BDS014112 Communication module
TU921N | ABB | 3KDE175113L9210 Backplane supports 16I/O modules
DX910N | ABB | 3KDE175313L9100 Switch I/O Modules
SA920N | ABB | 3BDH000600R1 Analog input module
DO910N | ABB | 3KDE175323L9100 Switch output module
DO930N | ABB | 3BDS014114 Analog input module
DP910N | ABB |3KDE175363L9100 Frequency Input Module
AI910N | ABB | 3KDE175513L9100 Analog input module
AI930N | ABB | 3KDE175513L9300 Analog input module
AI931N | ABB | 3KDE175513L9310 Analog input module

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All kinds of module card driver controller servo motor servo motor embedded card wires and cables Power module control module is applicable to steel, hydropower, nuclear power, power generation, glass factory, tire factory, rubber, thermal power, paper making, shipping, navigation, etc

ABB — AC 800M controller, Bailey, PM866 controller, IGCT silicon controlled 5SHY 3BHB01 3BHE00 3HNA00 DSQC series
BENTLY — 3500 system/proximitor, front and rear card, sensor, probe, cable 3500/20 3500/61 3500/05-01-02-00-001 3500/40M 176449-01 3500/22M 138607-01
Emerson — modbus card, power panel, controller, power supply, base, power module, switch 1C31,5X00, CE400, A6500-UM, SE3008,1B300,1X00,
EPRO — PR6423 PR6424 PR6425 PR6426 PR9376 PR9268 Data acquisition module, probe, speed sensor, vibration sensor
FOXBORO — FCP270 FCP280 FCM10EF FBM207 P0914TD CP40B FBI10E FBM02 FBM202 FBM207B P0400HE Thermal resistance input/output module, power module, communication module, cable, controller, switch
GE —- IS200/215/220/230/420 DS200/215 IC693/695/697/698 VMICPCI VMIVME 369-HI-R-M-0-0-E 469 module, air switch, I/O module, display, CPU module, power module, converter, CPU board, Ethernet module, integrated protection device, power module, gas turbine card
HIMA — F3 AIO 8/4 01 F3231 F8627X Z7116 F8621A 984862160 F3236 F6217 F7553 DI module, processor module, AI card, pulse encoder
Honeywell — Secure digital output card, program module, analog input card, CPU module, FIM card
MOOG — D136-001-007 Servo valve, controller, module
NI — SCXI-1100 PCI – PXIE – PCIE – SBRIO – CFP-AO-210 USB-6525 Information Acquisition Card, PXI Module, Card
Westinghouse — RTD thermal resistance input module, AI/AO/DI/DO module, power module, control module, base module
Woodward — 9907-164 5466-258 8200-1300 9907-149 9907-838 EASYGEN-3500-5/P2 8440-2145 Regulator, module, controller, governor
YOKOGAWA – Servo module, control cabinet node unit

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PLC, DCS, CPU module, communication module, input/output module (AI/AO/DI/DO), power module, silicon controlled module, terminal module, PXI module, servo drive, servo motor, industrial display screen, industrial keyboard, controller, encoder, regulator, sensor, I/O board, counting board, optical fiber interface board, acquisition card, gas turbine card, FIM card and other automatic spare parts