T8403 ICS TRIPLEX data sheet


Brand: ICS Model:T8403
Package/Specification: 2x19x12.8cm
Minimum Packaging Quantity: 1

Function: Control system accessories Features: Easy installation
Name: Digital Input Module Processing Customization:
Origin: USA Packaging: brand new and
widely used
Chemical, papermaking, power
generation, oil and natural gas
Quantity: 1-999
Batch Number T8403

Available for sale in Beijing; Tianjin; Hebei;
Shanxi; Inner Mongolia; Liaoning; Jilin;
Shanghai;Jiangsu; Zhejiang; Anhui; Fujian; Jiangxi; Shandong; Henan;
Hubei; Hunan; Guangdong; Guangxi; Hainan;
Chongqing; Sichuan Guizhou; Yunnan; Xizang
Shaanxi Gansu; Qinghai; Ningxia; Xinjiang

Purpose TMR redundant structure

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T8403 ICS TRIPLEX data sheet
T8403 ICS TRIPLEX data sheet
Module Clips Drive controller servo moto

The ICS TRIPLEX T8403 Digital Input Module is a critical component specifically designed for industrial automation and process control systems, produced by ICS Triplex (now part of Honeywell Process Solutions).

This module has a series of advanced functions and features that enable it to play an important role in various industrial environments.

Firstly, the T8403 digital input module has comprehensive automatic diagnosis and self checking functions. This means that it can monitor the status
and performance of modules in real-time, ensuring the stable operation of the system. This automatic diagnostic function greatly improves the reliability and safety of the system.

Secondly, the module has configurable digital input channels. Users can configure input channel parameters based on actual needs, such as over acceleration
threshold. This flexibility enables the T8403 digital input module to adapt to various application scenarios.

In addition, the T8403digital input module also has high reliability. It uses high-quality materials and advanced production processes, and undergoes strict
quality control and testing to ensure stability and reliability in critical applications.

In order to improve system availability, some T8403modules also have redundant input channels. This means that when one input fails, it can be switched to
a backup input to ensure the continuous operation of the system. This redundancy greatly improves the system”s fault tolerance and reliability.

In addition, the T8403 digital input module also has strong anti-interference and anti-interference capabilities. This enables it to work stably in complex
industrial environments without being affected by external interference.

In terms of specific applications, the ICS TRIPLEX digital input module has been widely used in multiple fields. In the power system, it can be used to monitor
digital signals such as the status, current, and voltage of power equipment to ensure the stability and safety of the power grid.

In the chemical industry, the T8403 digital input module can be used to monitor key parameters in chemical processes, ensuring the safety and efficiency
of the production process. In the oil and gas industry, this module can be used to monitor and control various parameters in the oil and gas production process,

Ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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Domestic Industrial Robot Industry Trends in 2020 my country’s market still contains huge power
In 2016, the density of industrial robots in my country was 68 units per 10,000 people. In 2018, the density of industrial robots was 140 units per 10,000 people, which is higher than the global average of 99 units. According to the “Robot Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)”, the density target of domestic industrial robots in 2020 will reach 150 units/ten thousand people, and market demand will be further released. In addition, in the long run, the density of industrial robots in my country is far smaller than that of several developed countries with higher levels of automation, and the domestic market demand still contains huge development potential in the future.

Strong market demand has driven China to become one of the main sources of income for the four major families of Germany’s KUKA, Switzerland’s ABB, Japan’s FANUC and Yaskawa. As the world’s largest industrial robot market, China has attracted the collective attention of the four major families, and its business in China has also become an important engine for the growth of the four major families’ business income.

1. The four major families account for 40% of the global market and nearly half of the market in China.

Globally, the first echelons in the field of industrial robots are KUKA of Germany, ABB of Switzerland, FANUC of Japan and Yaskawa.

The revenue of the four major family robot businesses continues to grow, accounting for nearly 40% of the global market share. From 2006 to the present, except for 2009, when the four major families suffered a sharp decline in revenue due to the aftermath of the financial crisis, the remaining years have seen steady growth. From 2010 to 2017, the CAGR of the robot business revenue of Yaskawa, ABB, KUKA, and FANUC was 6.58%, 11.05%, 12.96%, and 10.74% respectively, which is basically consistent with the growth of the global industrial robot market. The robot business of the four major families has always occupied the main global robot market. In recent years, affected by the rise of manufacturers in the robot segment and the rapid development of Chinese robot manufacturers, the market share has gradually declined, but it still remains above 40%. In 2016, the four major families’ global robot business The revenue proportion is 41.19%.

The four major families account for more than half of the domestic market

The four major families have different business focuses. KUKA’s business mainly focuses on robots and system integration, which are widely used in the automotive field and have core customers such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. ABB focuses on electric motors and motion control, which are used in the electronics, electrical and logistics industries, and are also widely used in highly mature automobile production lines. FANUC CNC system technology leads the world, and its process control is more efficient and convenient than other companies. Yaskawa mainly focuses on the fields of servo motors and motion controllers, and is the first company in Japan to manufacture servo motors.

In 2012, foreign robot companies represented by the four major families of ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa Electric, and Fanuc accounted for more than 90% of the Chinese robot market. Among the 90% of the robot market share, the four major families of ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa Electromechanical, and KUKA account for 57.5%. The next three major manufacturers, OTC, Panasonic and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, accounted for 16%. The market share of domestic robot manufacturers is relatively small. According to statistics from Huachuang Securities, the market share of local brand robots in 2012 was only 8%.

According to IF R statistics, the total installed capacity of China’s local robots in the domestic market increased from 22% in 2017 to 27% in 2018; while the installed capacity of foreign brands (including products produced in China by non-Chinese suppliers) declined 7%. At present, my country’s industrial robot market is still dominated by foreign brands. The domestic market share of the four major families has not changed much compared with 2012. In 2017, the domestic market share of the four major families reached 57%. In 2017, the market share of the four major families in China was Fanuc (18%), KUKA (14%), ABB (13%), and Yaskawa (12%). However, as the proportion of domestic manufacturers in the domestic market increases year by year, accounting for around 30%, although there is still a gap compared with the four major families, the progress of domestic manufacturers cannot be underestimated. As the four major families gradually strengthen their presence in the Chinese market, their market share in the domestic industrial robot market will remain at a high level.

As the world’s largest industrial robot market, China has attracted the collective attention of the four major families, and its business in China has also become an important engine for the growth of the four major families’ business income. Taking Fanuc as an example, the company’s revenue in China in 2017 increased from 6.63 billion yuan in 2016 to 12.75 billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 92.3%, driving the revenue in Asia (excluding Japan) to account for 45.4%, a year-on-year increase 9.1%, ranking first. In addition, the Chinese market accounts for 21% and 20% of the overall sales of Yaskawa Electric and KUKA Robot respectively, making it one of the important sources of their sales revenue.

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Control module DCS system spare parts SPIET800
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ABB — AC 800M controller, Bailey, PM866 controller, IGCT silicon controlled 5SHY 3BHB01 3BHE00 3HNA00 DSQC series
BENTLY — 3500 system/proximitor, front and rear card, sensor, probe, cable 3500/20 3500/61 3500/05-01-02-00-001 3500/40M 176449-01 3500/22M 138607-01
Emerson — modbus card, power panel, controller, power supply, base, power module, switch 1C31,5X00, CE400, A6500-UM, SE3008,1B300,1X00,
EPRO — PR6423 PR6424 PR6425 PR6426 PR9376 PR9268 Data acquisition module, probe, speed sensor, vibration sensor
FOXBORO — FCP270 FCP280 FCM10EF FBM207 P0914TD CP40B FBI10E FBM02 FBM202 FBM207B P0400HE Thermal resistance input/output module, power module, communication module, cable, controller, switch
GE —- IS200/215/220/230/420 DS200/215 IC693/695/697/698 VMICPCI VMIVME 369-HI-R-M-0-0-E 469 module, air switch, I/O module, display, CPU module, power module, converter, CPU board, Ethernet module, integrated protection device, power module, gas turbine card
HIMA — F3 AIO 8/4 01 F3231 F8627X Z7116 F8621A 984862160 F3236 F6217 F7553 DI module, processor module, AI card, pulse encoder
Honeywell — Secure digital output card, program module, analog input card, CPU module, FIM card
MOOG — D136-001-007 Servo valve, controller, module
NI — SCXI-1100 PCI – PXIE – PCIE – SBRIO – CFP-AO-210 USB-6525 Information Acquisition Card, PXI Module, Card
Westinghouse — RTD thermal resistance input module, AI/AO/DI/DO module, power module, control module, base module
Woodward — 9907-164 5466-258 8200-1300 9907-149 9907-838 EASYGEN-3500-5/P2 8440-2145 Regulator, module, controller, governor
YOKOGAWA – Servo module, control cabinet node unit

Main products:
PLC, DCS, CPU module, communication module, input/output module (AI/AO/DI/DO), power module, silicon controlled module, terminal module, PXI module, servo drive, servo motor, industrial display screen, industrial keyboard, controller, encoder, regulator, sensor, I/O board, counting board, optical fiber interface board, acquisition card, gas turbine card, FIM card and other automatic spare parts