SH055/80005/0/0/00/00/00/11/23 Schneider Motor


Brand: ELAU Model:SH055/80005/0/0/00/00/00/11/23
Package/Specification: 2x19x12.8cm
Minimum Packaging Quantity: 1

Function: Control system accessories Features: Easy installation
Name: Digital Input Module Processing Customization:
Origin: USA Packaging: brand new and
widely used
Chemical, papermaking, power
generation, oil and natural gas
Quantity: 1-999
Batch Number SH055/80005/0/0/00/00/00/11/23

Available for sale in Beijing; Tianjin; Hebei;
Shanxi; Inner Mongolia; Liaoning; Jilin;
Shanghai;Jiangsu; Zhejiang; Anhui; Fujian; Jiangxi; Shandong; Henan;
Hubei; Hunan; Guangdong; Guangxi; Hainan;
Chongqing; Sichuan Guizhou; Yunnan; Xizang
Shaanxi Gansu; Qinghai; Ningxia; Xinjiang

Purpose TMR redundant structure

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SH055/80005/0/0/00/00/00/11/23 Schneider Motor
SH055/80005/0/0/00/00/00/11/23 Schneider Motor
Module Clips Drive controller servo moto

SH055/80005/0/0/00/00/00/11/23A motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. SH055/80005/0/0/00/00/00/11/23 It utilizes an energized coil (i.e. stator winding) to generate a rotating

magnetic field and act on the rotor (such as a squirrel cage closed aluminum frame) to form a magneto electric rotational torque. Electric motors are divided into DC

motors and AC motors according to the different power sources used. Most of the motors in the power system are AC motors, SH055/80005/0/0/00/00/00/11/23 which can be synchronous motors or

asynchronous motors (the stator magnetic field speed of the motor does not maintain synchronous speed with the rotor rotation speed). An electric motor is mainly

composed of a stator and a rotor, SH055/80005/0/0/00/00/00/11/23 and the direction of the force acting on the energized wire in the magnetic field is related to the direction of the current and the direction

of the magnetic induction line (magnetic field direction). SH055/80005/0/0/00/00/00/11/23 The working principle of an electric motor is that the magnetic field exerts a force on the current, causing the motor to rotate.

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VMIVME-3418 Signal conditioning VME board VmiVME-3418-202
VMIVME-4941 Four channel autolitizer/Rotary digital converter board VMIVME-4941-024
UFC784AE101 Control Panel Module UF C784 AE101
UFC912A101 Circuit Board module UFC 912 A101
UFC911B104 Circuit Board Module UFC 911 B104
UFC784AE101 Control Panel Module UF C784 AE101
UFC718AE01 HIEE300936R0001 Control Board Module UFC 718 AE101
UFC762AE 3BHE006412R0001 Circuit Board Module UFC762AE
1X00163H01 I/O power supply
1D54582G05 DPU P/S Assy 115v
1D54582G02 DPU P/S Dual Channel Assy
1D54561G02 Line interface module
1C31238H01 DI 48V DC On-Board P-Mod switch input feature module
1C31233G04 Ovation Interface module DI
1C31233G01 soe Card (24Vdc or single terminal voltage 48Vdc)
1C31232G03 Switch quantity input electronic module Ovation
1C31224G01 Analog input electronic module
1C31227G01 Analog input feature module
1C31223G01 DO PMOD Relay output module G2R
1C31222G01 DO PMOD Relay Output Base – High power
1C31197G01 Valve Position Controller
1C31194G01 Valve Position Controller
1C31169G02 LC PMOD Serial Link Controller 485 cable
1C31166G01 Serial Link Controller
1C31147G01 Pulse accumulator
1C31132G01 Ovation analog output personality module
1C31129G03 Ovation 0-20mA analog output electronic module
1C31125G02 Ovation switch output feature module
1C31122G01 Ovation switch quantity output electronic module
1C31116G04 AI PMODanalog Input WITH PMOD Thermocouple Input feature module
1C31113G05 Ovation module +/-5VDC/0-20mA analog input electronic module
1C31113G04 Ovation module +/-1VDC analog input electronic module
1C31113G03 Ovation module +/-100mV Analog input electronic module
1C31113G02 Ovation analog input electronic module
1C31113G02 Ovation module +/-50mV analog input electronic module
1B30023H01 I/O Bus Terminator
ABB PU512V2 3BUR001401R1  PU512V2 MasterBus 300 Interface
TRICONEX 3806E Analog Output module
ENTERASYS A2H124-24FX switchboard
GE HYDRAN M2 Transformer monitoring equipment
GE IS420UCSBH1A UCSB controllers
GE DS200SIOBH1ABA  I/O Control Board
IC698CMX016-ED VMIVME-5567-000 RX7i Control Memory Xchange 16MB Memory
GE VMIVME-4140 16-Channel 12-bit Analog Output Board
GE VMIVME-3113A 12-bit analog to digital conversion module
ABB PP820 3BSE042243R1 Panel 800 5.1 » Control System Accessories
LDMUI-001 61320946C Current source analog output module
ABB 216AB61 HESG324013R100/H Binary O/P unit
ABB 216VC62a HESG324442R112/F Processor unit
ABB UAC389AE02 HIEE300888R0002 Robot parts
DSAI130D 3BSE003127R1 MasterPiece 200 and 200/1 » I/O Modules
HVC-02B 3HNA024966-001/03 Robot parts
3ASC25H214 DATX130 Spares and Consumables » Parts
5SHX1060H0003 3BHB020538R0001 3BHE024415R0101 GVC714A101

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All kinds of module card driver controller servo motor servo motor embedded card wires and cables Power module control module is applicable to steel, hydropower, nuclear power, power generation, glass factory, tire factory, rubber, thermal power, paper making, shipping, navigation, etc

ABB — AC 800M controller, Bailey, PM866 controller, IGCT silicon controlled 5SHY 3BHB01 3BHE00 3HNA00 DSQC series
BENTLY — 3500 system/proximitor, front and rear card, sensor, probe, cable 3500/20 3500/61 3500/05-01-02-00-001 3500/40M 176449-01 3500/22M 138607-01
Emerson — modbus card, power panel, controller, power supply, base, power module, switch 1C31,5X00, CE400, A6500-UM, SE3008,1B300,1X00,
EPRO — PR6423 PR6424 PR6425 PR6426 PR9376 PR9268 Data acquisition module, probe, speed sensor, vibration sensor
FOXBORO — FCP270 FCP280 FCM10EF FBM207 P0914TD CP40B FBI10E FBM02 FBM202 FBM207B P0400HE Thermal resistance input/output module, power module, communication module, cable, controller, switch
GE —- IS200/215/220/230/420 DS200/215 IC693/695/697/698 VMICPCI VMIVME 369-HI-R-M-0-0-E 469 module, air switch, I/O module, display, CPU module, power module, converter, CPU board, Ethernet module, integrated protection device, power module, gas turbine card
HIMA — F3 AIO 8/4 01 F3231 F8627X Z7116 F8621A 984862160 F3236 F6217 F7553 DI module, processor module, AI card, pulse encoder
Honeywell — Secure digital output card, program module, analog input card, CPU module, FIM card
MOOG — D136-001-007 Servo valve, controller, module
NI — SCXI-1100 PCI – PXIE – PCIE – SBRIO – CFP-AO-210 USB-6525 Information Acquisition Card, PXI Module, Card
Westinghouse — RTD thermal resistance input module, AI/AO/DI/DO module, power module, control module, base module
Woodward — 9907-164 5466-258 8200-1300 9907-149 9907-838 EASYGEN-3500-5/P2 8440-2145 Regulator, module, controller, governor
YOKOGAWA – Servo module, control cabinet node unit

Main products:
PLC, DCS, CPU module, communication module, input/output module (AI/AO/DI/DO), power module, silicon controlled module, terminal module, PXI module, servo drive, servo motor, industrial display screen, industrial keyboard, controller, encoder, regulator, sensor, I/O board, counting board, optical fiber interface board, acquisition card, gas turbine card, FIM card and other automatic spare parts